The Ventilation System is intended to improve the surface temperature of the seat in the hot season so that the driver and passengers feel comfortable, and at the same time, it also avoids the uncomfortable feeling of the body’s buttocks and back when driving for a long time. The seat ventilation system has also become an irreplaceable car comfort performance configuration.

WARMTECH can provide professional fan design solutions, designed according to customer needs through patent technology with high-efficiency silent centrifugal fan, under the same noise conditions, the air volume is larger, and the air volume is more than 30% higher. Designed as fire resistance/Prohibited substance to meet global laws and regulations, and customer technical requirements.

The standard control method is a mechanical button switch is arranged on the side panel of the seat cushion, and Lin/Can communication can also be added to realize the central control Pad or voice control. An advanced design solution is a wireless touch input switch assembly that can be attached to any ergonomically surface in the vehicle.

A basic in-market layout scheme is where airflow passes through the 3D mesh cloth and through the non-woven ventilation holes to achieve the effect of blowing and suction. At present, the layout of the fan + air bag scheme in the market is basically a B-side structure.

One design arrangement is that the fan is embedded in the foam, and the air flows out through the 3D mesh, which increases the flow area. Since the 3D mesh is open, the air volume felt by the human body is less.

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