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Electronic Engineering

1. Responsible for design and development of heating, ventilation and pneumatic systems for car seats.  
2. Responsible for hardware testing and debugging program at each stage.
3. Familiar with electrical schematic diagram, able to understand electrical circuit diagram and draw engineering drawings.

product engineer

1. Responsible for customer investigation, demand analysis, product technical demonstration, and project design and other pre-sales technical support work .
2. Responsible for design proposal writing and implementation after investigation, communicating with R&D, testing, production and other departments during the process, to ensure that all collaborating departments have a full understanding of the product.
3. Responsible for the coordination and arrangement of related products or projects, and the supervision and control of work progress    

R&D Manager

1. Responsible for the research and development of new products and projects.  Effectively promote the company’s major new products, new projects implementation process, guarantee of market timeliness.
2. Responsible for technical communication and technical information collection, understand and master domestic and foreign auto parts industry product and technology status and development trends. 
3. Responsible for new product standards, technical drawings and other technical data sorting.