Thermal Solution

The surface heating technology of vehicle interiors is the core part of our seat constant temperature control system. The rising expectations of customers and users are the driving force for our continuous innovation. We have strong system development capabilities and persist People-oriented, technology serves people, and pursue the maximization of comfort, environmental protection and health.

From seats, door panels to armrests and steering wheels, we provide customers with energy-efficient thermal comfort solutions with a high-quality product portfolio. After more than ten years of experience accumulation, we have the top design and manufacturing team in North America, which can professionally, efficiently and timely meet customer needs for flexibility and customization. From conception to manufacturing, we carefully design every step of the product development process, in-depth testing, fine manufacturing, and the pursuit of perfection, to provide customers with the best comfort solutions that meet their customized needs, so that users can enjoy a more comfortable journey and exquisite life.

Seat Heater

Safe, constant temp, fast and soothing heat

Steering Wheel Cover Heater

Enjoy thermal comfort winter driving is safer

Armrest Heater

The warmth of detail is more intimate

Door Heater

Each touch is warm